BEAUTIFUL From France Features My Work!

BEAUTIFUL contacted
me and wanted to feature my photography on their amazing site!

Based in Paris, this duo has been spreading beauty on the Internet since August 2005. “We got the
idea that it would be nice to create exposure and publicity for people who mean or could mean
something in the gay surroundings. There are so many talented and sexy gay men out there who
deserve some attention, and we like to bring them closer to their potential audience. It seems to be a quite appreciated concept considering the positive responses and requests we get from both sides. Of course the fact that we scatter some nudity over our site might have something to do with that as well!”

The Beautiful Blog gets major traffic! Thousands of hits per day. To be featured on their blog is a real honor! Stop by their site and check it out. You will be hooked, I am sure, and become a regular reader, as I am.

Thank you guys!!!


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Male Models in Chicago

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Celebrity Work


This is some of my early work. Back in the day, I won’t say what year but you can probably figure it out!

Back in those days, singers/performers gave a media pass to photographers and allowed then to shoot the entire show, from the photographers pit! You could leave with 150-200 shots of someone! It was awesome. Plus, you got to go
backstage and hang out with them after the show most times!

Then came Madonna. She decided it was not necessary for photographers to be allowed to shoot the whole show. She really changed the industry. Her manager allowed photographers 2 songs only from the pit, then gave them tickets away from the stage, usually in the balcony, forcing photographers to shoot with a tele-photo lens, if they wanted more photos.


Then came Prince! He decided to take it a step further! He offered no passes for the pit. He set a photographers area on the main floor, it was slightly raised, near the tech booth, which was about
50 rows back, forcing everyone to shoot with a tele-photo lens. I said enough.
And I walked out of that show!


From there on out, all performers started the 1-2 song limit. It wasn’t as fun anymore. And they wouldn’t let us backstage. So I moved away from the genre and started to focus on models! But there was some good times! I was on tour with Heart (super nice ladies) for 2 weeks. Followed  Alice Cooper for a week. Photographed Grace Jones (who was amazing!) , Bette Midler, Tina Turner (who is a wonderful person!) , Village People, David Bowie, Babys, Angel, KISS, George Clinton & Parliament, Diana Ross,  Bob Seger
ok, now I guess I am dating myself. Really,  was about 10 years old then!  LOL.

It was good times! I consider myself very lucky to have had that amazing opportunity and meet some awesome people!

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Chicago Male Models

I think I have a pretty good for fresh talent. A lot of my most successful models are guys I hand picked off the street and have never modeled before. One of my models left Michigan after I photographed him, and moved to New York, where he was recently featured on RUNNER magazine, he does work for J. Crew and Donna Karan, and has a small part in the new movie THE GOOD SHEPHERD.


John Murphy (above right) got his body in tip top shape for our photo shoot. I was able to get him a spread  in MENS WORKOUT, which I shot, and was able to get him a $10,000 advertising campaign for a major sports suppliment company.


Adam Bouska, (above right) started as model and later found himself in back of the camera, shooting young and upcoming models. Adam now lives in California and has a calendar coming out later this year!

I am always looking for fresh faces and great bodies!
If you are in Chicago or coming to visit, look me up!  Michael Snell

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More Chicago Male Models from Michael Snell


I have a very large collection of male nude / physique photography books.
I like to look at the various styles  of peoples work.Each photographer has a unique perspective. Some prefer a highly provocative style, some turn their eye to a modern beefcake and others who are inspired by the past and give us new perspectives on a more classical photographic interpretation reminiscent of the the early gay photography.


To photograph the male nude is to photograph reality,
whereas the great painters and sculptors painted and
created what they thought
you wanted to see in the form of beauty.

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Male Models From Chicago By Michael Snell – Blue Photography


Since all of my work involves natural light and I like to work outside, in the winter months
I usually take off from November – February. It also gives me time to re-charge, look at new ideas,
see what inspires me, etc. – I am looking forward to Spring already! I have 2 guys waiting to be shot!

This image was used for an ad last year for the IML (International Mr. Leather) festival.

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MALE MODELS in Black and White

Photography is very powerful in the fact that I can freeze a moment in time. If I live to be eighty I will be
able to pick up one of my photographs and go back to that moment and remember every detail of how that
image came to be.” 

/images/47094-42780/crisarmsjpg.jpg”>     /images/47094-42780/rob5.jpg” width=304>   Posted in Recent Models | Leave a comment


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MALE MODEL Photography and MALE PHYSIQUE Photography By Michael Snell


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Male Models





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