Singer John Jones from Chicago New CD

Singer/songwriter JOHN JONES is from Chicago.

“Ever since my third birthday when my
grandparents bought me a record player and my mom passed down her
collection of 45’s, my life has been centered around music.  While most
kids I knew were listening to “Sesame Street” albums and read-along
story records, I was getting my first influential tastes of The Beatles,
Rufus & Chaka Khan, Heart, and Motown.

Throughout my life I’ve
discovered the charms of jazz, Brazilian, classic rock and electronica
in addition to pop and soul, and now my own music is a hybrid of all the
styles I love. ”

His first album, 2006’s “Homegrown,”

is a melting pot of The Beatles, Fiona
Apple, Coldplay, and…John Jones.

His second project, “Shine Right
Where You Are,” is an electronic pop/R&B album featuring “Karma
Kinda Luv” (click on LINKS above) and a cover of Wendy & Lisa’s
“Fruit at the Bottom.”  Both  albums are available on


and various other music sites.
For his third album, “Everything I Have,”

John came to me with some ideas for some cool outdoor photos.

We shot the photos at Montrose Beach and a few other spots close by.

John loved the photos and I think we delivered what he needed.

Several images were used on the

CD and on his website  John Jones Chicago.



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