Male Models Chicago, Michael Snell, Blue Photography and DNA Magazine Australia


DNA Online Magazine and Blog, from Australia,  were looking for some beach and water photos and have chosen to feature some of my work this month! Some of my photos will also be in their newsletter! If you don’t already get it,SUBSCRIBE now. They have an amazing hot magazine and I am very honored they want to run some of my photos and models!

CHECK OUT MY LINK ON THEIR SITE! They get over 10,000  hits a day!




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9 Responses to Male Models Chicago, Michael Snell, Blue Photography and DNA Magazine Australia

  1. bnmlefdw says:

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  2. Shaney says:

    You have a great talent, & DNA have a great eye for talent. It all fits perfectly *winks*
    Congratulations, well deserved.

  3. idowgpyn says:

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  4. John says:

    No, Thanks a lot

  5. DNA’s male model so sizzling hot.

  6. YVY Mag says:


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  7. lalboy says:

    there could be no greater things than this!!

  8. michael snell says:

    Thank you! There is a new iphone app called  ADONIS. I am hoping to have my work featured there soon!


  9. michael says:

    really well done!!   very interesting!

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