Male Models From Chicago – Fall Photo Shoot



These are a couple models from last fall. I have been so behind ingeting images up!
The blonde is from Michigan and is a trained ballet dancer – what an amazing lean body.

Mario, on top, has been modeling and acting for several years now.

Turbo Tagger

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25 Responses to Male Models From Chicago – Fall Photo Shoot

  1. I like the first one most. As i too trying hard to get the six pack abs for the last one month. I would like to take a print out, and compare them with !

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  5. I try so hard to get this kind of body but cannot get shape like him.

  6. michael snell says:

    It takes 2 things –   DIET  and  CARDIO. You must burn off the fat, to expose the lean body. Period.

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  8. Kendre says:

    I want to become a model.

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  11. poker tells says:

    oooooo hot models…..I like both of them…. I love both Black or white…. as in Micheal’s song….. hahaha

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  14. Mike says:

    Sure, it takes diet and exercise, but it also takes genetic endowment: You need to have inherited a endomorphic body. Ectomorphs tend to be slim, regardless of exercise. Mesomorphs tend to be fat (not obese — that’s another problem).

    Endomorphs are the ones that are going to have the big bulging muscles. I don’t know what kind of body you have or want, but your best bet is to aim for a healthy body that works well for you. The other thing that makes people attractive is a nice personality. The most gorgeous hunk who is a sourpuss isn’t going to be popular even with his mother.

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