BEAUTIFUL From France Features My Work!

BEAUTIFUL contacted
me and wanted to feature my photography on their amazing site!

Based in Paris, this duo has been spreading beauty on the Internet since August 2005. “We got the
idea that it would be nice to create exposure and publicity for people who mean or could mean
something in the gay surroundings. There are so many talented and sexy gay men out there who
deserve some attention, and we like to bring them closer to their potential audience. It seems to be a quite appreciated concept considering the positive responses and requests we get from both sides. Of course the fact that we scatter some nudity over our site might have something to do with that as well!”

The Beautiful Blog gets major traffic! Thousands of hits per day. To be featured on their blog is a real honor! Stop by their site and check it out. You will be hooked, I am sure, and become a regular reader, as I am.

Thank you guys!!!


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